Travel to South Africa in 25 days

Travel to South Africa in 25 days

This trip to South Africa in 25 days will allow us to finally visit one of the countries that we most wanted to know, in addition to putting a perfect final icing, which will be to make a free safari , for several days, in the incredible Park Kruger National.
Taking into account the size of the country and being impossible to visit it in its entirety, after much appreciation, in the end we have decided to make a route that will take us through most of the essential places to see in South Africa, which we will travel in two stages, both with a rental.
Also known as the Republic of South Africa or the Rainbow Nation , due to the incredible diversity of cultures it houses, this southern African country borders territory with Namibia, Botswana and Zimbabwe, in addition to Mozambique and Swaziland and is bathed by the Atlantic and Indian.

Viaje a Sudáfrica en 25 días.

Travel to South Africa in 25 days.
Although any time is good to travel to South Africa, it is convenient to take into account certain factors, to be able to decide what is the best time to travel, since depending on your tastes or the activities you want to do, it will be more convenient to come in a time of year or another.
– High Season: This season includes the months of December to March, although Christmas and Easter are the times when prices soar.
If you want to travel on these dates, it is advisable to book accommodation well in advance, especially in national parks such as the Kruger, taking into account that there are even people who do so a year in advance.
Despite being one of the busiest times of the year, the weather is not always the most favorable, as they are usually the rainiest months of the year.
– Middle Season: The months of April and May, in addition to October and November, are the months that are included in the middle season in South Africa, being ideal for wildlife observation, since it is the time when the first and Autumn and with them also the good weather typical of these dates.
– Low Season: From June to September, winter arrives in South Africa and with it the low season in the country, at which time prices are cheaper and the ideal time for wildlife observation begins.
Although the climate is usually optimal, keep in mind that it is usually the rainy season in the Cape Town area.

If your interest in traveling to South Africa is unique or especially because of the fauna, there are other factors that you must take into account to make your trip as complete an experience as possible.
If you want to enjoy a safari, although the animals are present throughout the year, the best time to do it is winter, when there is less vegetation, making it much easier to see them.
If you want to see the incredible southern whales, typical of the South African coast, you should travel to South Africa between the months of June to December, at which time it is not strange to see them from the coast itself.

Viaje a Sudáfrica en 25 días

Travel to South Africa in 25 days
Although many people make the trip to South Africa in an organized way, it is perfectly feasible to take this trip on your own, including safaris in the natural parks, which you can do with your own car.
If you opt for this option, for us the most recommended, the most ideal is to rent a car in South Africa , since this will allow you to have total freedom of movement and schedules, making your trip much more pleasant and above all, the great experience of making the safaris for free.
Taking all these factors into account, for a first trip to South Africa, which includes the most touristic places in the country, we would recommend traveling for a minimum of 3 weeks, a time that will allow you, in addition to making an extensive route through the country, to spend several days in the Kruger, as the final icing on the cake.
In case you do not have this time, in two weeks it is also feasible to make a complete route through the country, dedicating fewer days to the Kruger, 3 or 4 days, and focusing on the most tourist areas.

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